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Baskets to Israel - Israel

Their team are passionate about creating and delivering amazing packages with a smile. They go the extra mile to make sure it was a job well done. If you want specific type of food, or have a theme in mind they are totally flexible, and love helping people create the gift basket of their dreams. They make sending within Israel easy.

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Gili's Goodies - Israel

This vendor has been delivering warm hugs Since 2001 and they do what they love! Delivering warmth of your sweet hugs to your recipients in Israel. With their wide range of products they are confident you’ll find what you need for your gifting campaigns.

Available in Israel only

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Coco Chocolate - Israel

This brands chocolate are handmade from the highest quality products within Israel. Each of the products contain high percentages of cocoa and have many health benefits including being rich in antioxidants. So no need to feel guilty while eating chocolate!

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OZ Treasures - Israel

Each of the sweets are inspired by gemstones and minerals. Their chocolate treasures are designed to reflect the appearance of stones that attract travellers from all over the world. Their unique and beautiful jewellery inspired chocolates spread joy – whether as a special treat for yourself or as an unforgettable gift for your loved ones and friends! Just one look at these gorgeous gems, and you'll understand why.

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