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Laumiere Gourmet - USA

Hand crafted and embracing a more natural appeal, this vendor embarks on presenting what nature can bring to the industry. They strive to curate premium artisan dried fruit-based products and delve deeper into healthy premium food. Make a statement in any season of giving with these beautifully curated and healthy fruit arrangements.

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Lasting Smiles - USA

Lasting Smiles products shines light on causes that matter and helps support and fund diverse causes caring for people and the planet. Lasting Smile works with over 10 internationally recognized non-profits focused on diverse causes such as girls and women’s empowerment, education, food security, mental health, clean water access, racial equity, humane animal treatment, health care, financial support, and arts, music, and STEM access.  Lasting Smiles candles are vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and petroleum free.  With a modern design, this candle fits any home decor and is perfect for gifting.  Lasting Smiles lip balm tubes are the FIRST in the industry to be made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Tucked into each lip care gift set is a surprise self-care and empowering message.

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WhattaBasket - Canada

They offer unique gift ideas, with a mix of cost effective brands, and local artisan products. Word of mouth is spreading quickly about their products and gift ranges within Canada and North America as they have a very strong customer service ethics, and meeting the demands of their customers. This vendor fully understands the importance of high quality products while keeping the cost down for Corporate clients.

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Black Bow Gifts - Canada

Something magical happens when time is taken to prepare a gift thoughtfully; a genuine connection can be made. This vendor assists gift givers by creating one-of-a-kind gifts they know people will LOVE to receive because creating magic is their specialty!

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Present Day - Canada

Whether it's for a client or your closest friend, you can purchase one of their curated, ready-made gift boxes or why not personalise something unique and memorable. Over the years, Present Day has grown to be one of the pre-eminent gifting destinations for personal and corporate gifts in Canada. Make someone's day with a present in Canada.

Available in Canada only

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