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Sana Vegan - India

This vendor has a promise of healthy, hygienic food, 100% plant-based; They have a large range of products that include plant milk, plant paneer and more to make everyday nutrition wholesome and guilt-free. Looking to start your vegan gifting campaigns within India? Look no further. 

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Oorla - India

Oorla brings you the taste of authentic Indian Sweets & Savouries sourced directly from centuries-old family businesses to your doorstep. Express your love with authentic sweets & snacks. No matter where your loved ones are, send them their favourites to their doorstep and be the reason for their smile.

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The Gourmet Box - India

The practice of giving various types of corporate endowments to clients, business partners, and employees of the company is common and has existed since the dawn of time. Large and small businesses use corporate gifting as a way to show appreciation to their clients and employees. The Gourmet Box is here to make your gifting experience hassle-free with its corporate Gifting service and wide range of products.

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The Yarn Story - India

The Yarn Story, translate contemporary designs & ideas into fine fabrics, thoughtfully crafted for the modern Indian. Inspired by art & travel, their designs are a sweet blend of warm colours and young prints creating a unique collection of home & lifestyle products.

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Niana - India

Niana is a luxury home fragrance brand specialising in eco-friendly soy candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and sachets. Each luxuriously textured product is finely finished by hand. Known for its unique fragrance portfolio, Niana aromas are subtle, evocative and eclectic.

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Vahdam Teas - India

India is one of the largest tea producers in the world, with over 70% of domestic tea being consumed within India itself so it's only right to bring on Vahdam Teas. With over 80 years in the tea industry, this great vendor offers a mix range of tea selections at price points which suit everyone.

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