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Urban Planet - UK

Since launch of Urban Planet in 2007 they have evolved over time to developing a full service for customers with marketing, print management, design and merchandise.  Urban Planet can provide solutions for all of your marketing, mailing, design, merchandise and printing requirements.

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Intelligent Change - USA

Now is the perfect time to start living a more mindful, fulfilling life. Make the time to look after yourself, change the way you think and take notice as the world reflects those changes right back at you. This brand creates products that are the simplest, most effective tools to help you realise your potential. Whether that is using The Five Minute Journal to bring gratitude into your life or the Productivity Planner to help you build the business you’ve always dreamed of.

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COCO Chocolatier - UK

COCO is a collaborative canvas for artisans and artists alike; those who dare to disrupt, innovate and inspire. They meticulously craft their portfolio of premium chocolate bars with the world’s finest South American cocoa before enveloping them in original designs by independent artists. Their small team of visionary chocolatiers have free rein to create unique flavour combinations that deliver extraordinary experiences.

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WAKEcups - UK

Do you need to highlight your business's green credentials, promote an upcoming event or incentivise customers and staff?  WAKEcup products provide the perfect platform to sustainably showcase your brand.  This brand works with companies of all sizes to produce branded cups, bottles, straws and bags.

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The Cahm Collective - UK

This company was born from a love of the simple luxury of lighting a candle at the end of day to relieve the stresses of working modern life, and a desire to share pure and ethically sourced fragrances with the world. Everything they produce is re-usable or recyclable, including the product packaging and the CAHM candles are hand-poured, cruelty free, vegan and ethically sourced.

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Tilly Wonka - UK

This brand specialises in handcrafted artisan chocolates, made in small batches by hand to make sure that every bite is both pretty to look at and delicious to taste. With traditional tempering techniques, all products are completely handmade with love. Every single chocolate is hand painted so that each piece is truly one of a kind. 

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Broni & Bo - UK

The Broni&Bo brand started out simply through their love for accessories with a particular penchant for knitted bow ties. They have carefully selected a range of ties and bow ties in a variety of styles and materials that they hope are befitting for any occasion, whether to invigorate your on or off duty ensemble or add a modern twist to your dinner attire.

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Cake or Death - UK

Delicious handmade vegan brownies delivered through your letterbox. This vendor creates some of the UK’s most loved brownies available to order online and delivered hassle-free through your letterbox. They also happen to be vegan; a bonus for both you and the planet.

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