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EatArtDrink - Germany

Unique gifts for your employees and clients. Sustainable and shapely products have been created that make everyday life more beautiful, but also unique gifts for friends, clients or prospects who are looking for something special. The range includes glasses, coasters, serving dishes and accessories made of high-quality sustainable materials made of slate, wood and glass.

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Intelligent Change - USA

Now is the perfect time to start living a more mindful, fulfilling life. Make the time to look after yourself, change the way you think and take notice as the world reflects those changes right back at you. This brand creates products that are the simplest, most effective tools to help you realise your potential. Whether that is using The Five Minute Journal to bring gratitude into your life or the Productivity Planner to help you build the business you’ve always dreamed of.

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Aging Flavor - Germany

High-quality spirits get their personality from their wooden barrel maturation and various spices. With this vendor, you can refine your spirits in just 24 hours with precisely those aspects that matter to you personally. You decide on the type and duration of the maturation refinement and set very individual accents with a variety of spices. 

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Plukt - Latvia

Tea may become your favourite ritual of the day and the latest trend in well-being. This brand truly believe that there is a real beauty behind every herb found in their fields. With PLŪKT they wanted to create something meaningful that doesn’t do any harm to nature and people. Their drive was to create something that will keep our environment and the local area of Madona natural.

Available in Latvia & EU-Wide

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ANKAA Project - Greece

ANKAA Project, a Luxembourgish and Greek non-profit organisation created in 2017, stands for equitable pathways towards education and employmentThe products reflect and promote sustainability for the people, the project and the planet. They use local, organic or up-cycled materials and try to implement the principles of circular economy in all their processes.

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Novenary - UK

British-made aromatherapy candles, therapeutic bath salts, and carefully curated home accessories. This brand believes there is beauty in simplicity and harmony in nature. Explore their range to procure luxury products that foster sacred moments of peace, allowing you to slow down, reflect, and embrace intentional living. 

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Hazeva - Germany

This brand has natural cosmetics and organic products handmade in Mallorca and Germany.
Cruelty free, vegan, zero waste and sustainable with the planet. Your life, your health! Fantastic zero-waste accessories for your products and your skin. Made from different natural materials, such as bamboo, sisal, silk and beech wood.

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My TeaPop - UK

"Good health starts with a good cup of tea" This sustainable vendor's mission is to make delicious, pure and healthy tea from 100% natural ingredients, providing a gourmet drink experience in an instant with minimal impact on the environment. Tea-Pop is here to change the way people think about tea- with flavours ranging from herbal and fruity to your classic blends.

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