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Vices - USA

Storied treasures in the way of fine wines, foods, toys, tools, spirits, accessories and tech items delivered to your door along with a book published to tell their story. Our latest partners products is for those who seek out rare and exciting experiences, dig for reason, welcome the surprise and live for the moments. 

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Vinylmnky - USA

This brands unique packages leave a lasting impression. Give curated, one-of-a-kind gifts that bring unforgettable music experiences to your employees and their families. Make any moment memorable with music. From vinyl ambassador programs to intimate performances by popular artists, they provide impressions that last a lifetime.

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Pro Gift Source - USA

This family-owned business takes pride in offering appealing and unique personalized products, supported by warm personal service. Their expansive selection encompasses a huge variety of gifts, with numerous options to make your gift unique- ranging from names, dates, photos, colors and more. ProGiftSource is available in the U.S.
Available in the USA only
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Fat Leaf Plant - USA

Consider a sustainable succulent arrangement - a gift that keeps on living. Succulents are the new gift flower! Rosette-shaped, and colourful  Dina DeLeon and Mina Hegaard, two Texas mom-preneurs have a mission and a vision; to disrupt the cut flower industry by delivering sustainable live succulent arrangements and smiles to their customers. It is a complimentary partnership and friendship, with bonds as neighbours, mothers and entrepreneurs.

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3 Doodler - USA

As makers of the world’s first 3D printing pens and best-selling 3D printing products, this brand inspire teachers, students, artists, professionals, and creators of all kinds to enter the world of 3D. Whether you're 4 or 40+, they have tools to help you bring learning and creativity to life in 3D using handheld 3D printers. Their mission is to have a 3D pen in every home, classroom and office, so that everyone has the tools and technology to make things and have fun along the way.

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MuteSync - USA

This lighted, physical mute button pairs with popular video meeting tools to toggle mute and shines bright to let everyone know when your mic is live. The mute button light changes when you push the mute button or when you mute and unmute from your video meeting tool. You can now even personalised the Mute button with your company logo or the sleeve in which the product comes in. 

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Brevite - USA

Brevite backpacks are built on the concept of better. Better Materials, better function, and better Impact. Brevite backpacks are a great gift for your team that will last forever and will do good for our planet and community.

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City Bred - USA

The Hang Glider stays on your collar, pocket or buckle by using two strong magnets built into the leather. Your glasses aren't going anywhere and no more scratches or accidental drops. The Hang Glider holds your glasses when you're not wearing them. Want to make them a bit more personalised for the recipient? Why not add a company logo.

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Dabble & Dollop - USA

It’s time to give your babies & children products specifically designed for their unique skin needs. Their ingredients are natural, vegan, pure, and clean – as is their SmartScent ingredient which makes the safest, most delicious-smelling products possible. Your colleague or client has just had a new-born or it's their kids birthday but you are stuck on what to gift them? This vendor offers the best solution with their wide range of gift sets and products.

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Intelligent Change - USA

Now is the perfect time to start living a more mindful, fulfilling life. Make the time to look after yourself, change the way you think and take notice as the world reflects those changes right back at you. This brand creates products that are the simplest, most effective tools to help you realise your potential. Whether that is using The Five Minute Journal to bring gratitude into your life or the Productivity Planner to help you build the business you’ve always dreamed of.

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