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Pursonic - USA

This brand is a family-owned business with roots in manufacturing since 1971 from New York.  This company was geared to offering premium products at a value price and has extended that offering to Reachdesk customers. Their commitment is to introduce new, innovative and exciting products that all can afford.

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Carian's Bistro - USA

This brand offers high-quality chocolates to customers across the USA with a peace of mind that only comes with using the best natural ingredients. They combined the world’s best cocoa beans, seasonal fresh nuts and naturally extracted colours with new techniques. As well as all of that they have a huge selection of products ranging from Haribo snack boxes to fruit snacks.

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Candy Club - USA

Our latest partner are candy lovers who find, curate, and deliver the world’s best candies to your door. They bring the candy store to your door whilst taking pride in offering their customers and Reachdesk customers an amazing variety of delicious and differentiated candies, specially selected by their team of candy experts.

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Modern Sprout - USA

Through plants, moods are boosted, air is purified, bodies are nourished and homes can be a calming oasis in a busy world. This brand believe that when you tend to a plant, you tend to yourself. Whether you’re looking for a small thank you gift or something extra-special for the gardener in your life, we have gift ideas to fit any budget. They are truly sustainably-minded from their practices to their products, they continually strive to be better; for people, plants and the planet.

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BeanBox - USA

They're on a mission to bring you better mornings. Think of them as your coffee sommelier- sipping thousands of coffees from the nation's top roasters so you only get the very best. Every purchase you make supports their independent roaster partners, premium wages for farmers, and diversity in coffee.

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EcoRoots - USA

This company is on an endless mission to provide you with the best eco-friendly and low-waste products out there. Their products are kindly made for every person, every body, every identity. From beauty and health to household products, their eco-friendly lineup is here to help you find sustainable alternatives to everyday essentials. 

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Wicked Good Cupcakes - USA

First made famous on ABC's hit show Shark Tank, these uniquely delicious cupcake jars are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. Each cupcake jar contains the equivalent of two moist cupcakes layered with a variety of fillings and topped with decadent frosting. Unique to Wicked Good, all of their flavours are their very own recipes and come in a reusable 8 oz jar.

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Nipyata - USA

This company launched NIPYATA! to bring joy and laughter to the party people. Send one to a boozy fun-lover and watch them smile with delight. Pick your favorite spirits. Pick the number of mini plastic bottles. Pick the deliver by date, and let them take care of the rest- they'll make sure it's a Smashing Success!

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