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Maison Amarella - Switzerland

Add a personal touch with branded macarons that represent you. Maison Amarella gives you the option to print your logo or personal message on the macarons. Treat your clients and colleagues with a gift that carries your corporate image. All of their macarons are gluten free and 100% natural and they use premium and local ingredients.

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Balleristo - Switzerland

Balleristo is a print on demand partner of ours which covers both Switzerland and the rest of the EU countries with their high end products. They have a vast list of products which vary from bottles to sports balls and even beer kegs and all of which you can add your company logo. Take an originally football, brand it and take your shot with a prospect.

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Victorinox - Switzerland

Time to cut through the noise with our latest partnership with the well renowned Victorinox. Victorinox is a global company with five product categories: Swiss Army Knives, Household and Professional Knives, Watches, Travel Gear and Fragrances. The Swiss Army Knife is the core product and has a pioneering role in the development of all product categories. They are offering the perfect gifts for C-suit individuals who are always on the move! 

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Geschenkidee - Switzerland

This vendors stands for joy of giving. If you want to make yourself or others happy, you will find the right gift for every occasion, every recipient and every budget. With their exclusive services, they want to help you find the right gifts and make them as uncomplicated as possible. 

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Amegilla - Switzerland

Carefully curated gifts for family, friends and colleagues – perfect for any occasion. Their gourmet gift boxes showcase the best from Switzerland and select European neighbours – from the finest wines and delicious foods, to tantalising treats to tempt your taste buds.

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SnackMagic - USA

You know that saying, “it’s better to give than to receive”? Well, that’s not entirely true, because if you’ve ever had to buy a gift for that client who has everything, or for a team of 652 remote employees, or for a massive crowd of virtual event guests you’ve never even met, you know it’s way more stressful to give than to receive. This is why SnackMagic is the snack box that takes all the pressure off of gifting.

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Social Stories Club - UK

Each of the products inside their sustainable gift boxes and hampers have been made by a social venture from delicious chocolate that supports global reforestation projects to Earl Grey Tea helping to educate girls in India.  So not only are you sending a thoughtful and memorable gift, but you are also contributing to wonderful causes too.

Available in the UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong & Indonesia 

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