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Pretzelwich NYC - USA

Dive into the spectacularly scrumptious world of mini pretzel sandwich snacks, pretzelwiches! Pretzelwiches are bite-size snacking delicacies made up of two square pretzels, a delicious filling, and hand-dipped toppings with nuts, drizzles, sprinkles and more. The perfect sweet and salty combination; these special treats put traditional party snacks to shame and will soon be your go-to favorite festive goodies.

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Nurtured 9 - USA

Finding the right baby gift for an employee or client can feel overwhelming! If you're looking for gift ideas for a pregnant coworker, new parents in the workplace, or business partner, Nurtured 9 is here to take the guesswork out, making finding a perfect gift completely effortless and stress-free. Woman-owned business; All of the gifts are curated by other moms! Enhance your parental leave gifting and improve employee retention.

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Baked By Melissa - USA

Celebrate with your incredible employees or clients with delicious bite-size cupcakes! Each package comes wrapped in a premium gift box. All of their assortments are certified Kosher and we have a number of options available designed to satisfy Gluten-Free & Vegan customers.

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V-Cubes - Greece

Our latest brand allows you to create your own cube which offers the perfect opportunity to personalise  using your imagination and creativity. Ideal for puzzle enthusiasts searching for new, challenging concepts, individuals who are seeking a high quality custom gifts, companies looking for a unique corporate items and the list goes on! 

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David's Cookies - USA

They are known for their cookies, but they make so much more, including the fabulous cheesecakes and specialty desserts. Fresh-made bakery treats are available from one great bakery. Whether you are looking for a Happy Birthday Gift or Just a Thank You, this vendor has it all! Gifting should be simple, easy and delightful ­— whether giving or getting. 

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Put-a-Bout - USA

Add your Name or Logo to the Putting Mats. Whether you’re an avid golfer, new to the game, or simply love putting, you don’t always have time to hit the course to get in a few putts. But with PUTT-A-BOUT Putting Mats, you can turn almost any floor space into a fun putting area that lets you hone your game, have some fun, and enjoy a little low-key competition. Perfect for both home and office use.

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Desk Plants - USA

The next time you’re looking for that perfect corporate gift to get your team, clients or investors, gift them a Hard-to-Kill plant from Desk Plants. They specialise in working with Hard-to-Kill potted plants that last. From mini succulents to larger vining plants, if you are looking to give a gift that will stand out as unique, beautiful and impactful.

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Ostrich Pillow - USA

Give a Gift That Keeps on Giving. Only when we’re well-rested are we able to nurture meaningful connections, boost engagement, bolster corporate culture, and promote loyalty. Made with care and combining sleek design and function, their goal is to empower rest anywhere and everywhere, and for any occasion. Whether at home or in the workplace, for employee corporate gifts or events.

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Fellow - USA

Find your Grind with our latest coffee vendor. This brand is on a mission to give you the gear, the guidance, and the coffee to make your brewing routine a moment of creativity. They will be welcoming you to a brighter, less boring morning!

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