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Foodie Pages - Canada

Engage employees, stand out to clients and elevate events with custom branded gifts that share your company values. Every gift supports and celebrates small business owners. Choose from a selection of pre-curated gifts, or build your own custom gift box. All of their custom gifts are filled with high quality locally-sourced goods and designed to delight your team. Add Logo's and QR Codes onto the gift note to make the gifting experience that little bit more special.

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Coquito NYC - USA

COQUITO NYC is a celebration of Hispanic holiday traditions that bring people together. Their recipe has been passed down for generations, starting with a traditional recipe and evolving into the signature blend. This is how you will fall in love with Coquito - cracking the eggs, measuring the vanilla, not letting one drop of the condensed milk go to waste. Bring it back to the kitchen where it all began with this Home Kit. It comes with everything you need to make coquito from scratch but the eggs. 

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The Sip Society - USA

Sip something new and find what you love with a curated box of high-end sparkling wines—handpicked by them, delivered to you. Try new bottles of sparkling wine, learn what you like, and find more reasons to celebrate and elevate your everyday. 

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Craighill - USA

Founded in 2015 by designer Hunter Craighill, they are a design and manufacturing brand rooted in curiosity, ingenuity, and satisfaction. This brand designs their products to be as functional and timeless as they are beautiful and intriguing. Whether you are looking to find a more seductive way to protect and store your glasses, a more beautiful home for your keys, or a sculptural pillow for your wallet, this brand have it all for you.

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Bbobbler - USA

This vendor has been custom sculpting personalised bobblehead based on photos for thousands of happy customers that perfectly sums up their unique love. If you are looking for a realistic, modern, and cute custom made bobble head with best likeness and fast turnaround time, you have come to the right place. A Custom bobble head is a brilliant gift idea for those special dates like birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Boss’s day, retirement, friend’s wedding, New Year, Christmas and the list goes on!

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Pandoughra's Box - Canada

How they work is simple. They bake, you buy. Their cookies and Cookie Dough Jars are currently shipped Canada & USA wide. Impress your clients or prospects with our latest vendors jumbo stuffed cookies with a touch of branding in a form of a sticker! Add a logo to the packing to go that extra mile when gifting.

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Pellatt - Canada

Corporate gifting helps foster positive relationships with employees, customers, and partners, while promoting your brand. They make the process of corporate gifting easy and seamless. Pellatt specializes in providing a wide range of corporate gifting options, including bulk holiday gifts, event packages, promotional items, branded items, sick leave gifts, maternity gifts, onboarding gifts, promotion gifts, birthday gifts, condolences gifts, and retirement gifts.

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