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Bien Manger - France

Explore the unique flavours of the world's wines. Let yourself be carried away on a journey through vineyards around the world with our high-quality wines. From the complex depths of Bordeaux wines, to the fruity and elegant aromas of Californian wines, to the spicy flavours of Italian wines, there is a wine for every occasion and every palate.

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Zesty - Portugal

This brands main Motto is for you to enjoy chocolate without guilt and believes that chocolate is a nutritious food, which should be enjoyed. Their bars have no added sugar, gluten, palm oil, milk or other products of animal origin. Did you know that Cocoa has the power to reduce stress and also act as an antioxidant? Perfect gift to give yourself and the prospect/client prior to a meeting.

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OhMySnack - Portugal

Each person must be seen and treated as unique. They ensure that you get personalised nutrition, where each snack is selected accordingly to your nutritional desires and needs. This brand thrive for the perfect balance, because they believe that healthy also means tasty!

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The Colvin Co - Spain

Nature, art and everyday life inspire this brand in the creation of iconic collections and designs capable of upsetting the routine. Their team of florists designs each bouquet with the smallest detail. They like to do things well and with enthusiasm so that people welcome our flowers with joy. 

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Bocaditos Dulces - Spain

Sweet snacks & personalised creative pastry workshop for companies and individuals. Their mission is to create unforgettable sweets for every special occasion with their 3 main ingredients: design, flavour and customisation. This vendor is able to add a logo onto everything from Cupcakes to Macarons and even to cookies. 

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Unicestas - Brazil

This brand are a pioneering group that sale flowers and gift baskets exclusively throughout Brazil. For more than 20 years delivering smiles and gifts at home! Choose the gift that most enchants, and send it along with your special message.

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