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Tasty Present - Netherlands

This brand specialises in personalising gifts. Whether it concerns delicious bonbons with the logo of your organisation, a chocolate letter with your logo for your customers or employees, or a Chocotelegram with a personal text. They can not only personalise the product itself, but also the packaging. From a logo sticker to a special banderole or a beautiful high-quality box with its own lid. 

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Smaak Pakket - Netherlands

SMAAK pakket is a collection of original food and drinks made by independent producers, all based in the Netherlands. All available together in this tasty sample packs. The bag is made by the Dutch fashion brand Fraenck, who make their entire range from recycled materials.

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Bien Manger - France

Explore the unique flavours of the world's wines. Let yourself be carried away on a journey through vineyards around the world with our high-quality wines. From the complex depths of Bordeaux wines, to the fruity and elegant aromas of Californian wines, to the spicy flavours of Italian wines, there is a wine for every occasion and every palate.

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Make Your - Belgium

With our latest partner you can fully personalise products such as gin, vodka, whisky or champagne. Personalising gifts goes a lot further than simply applying a label to a bland brew. In addition to customised liquor bottles as the perfect gift, this brand prides itself on the top quality of its contents. Critical connoisseurs of vermouth, beer, vodka, gin or rum will enjoy every drop. The appreciation of those who receive the gift or the customer who drinks from the house brand is at least as important as the attractive packaging.

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Coffeevine - Netherlands

This brand only work with the most outspoken and unique single-origin coffees that tell the story of each farmer and show the passion of each roaster. Coffeevine has become a formidable force to be reckoned with and currently sends hundreds of coffee boxes filled with delicious coffees from the world’s most exciting roasters to customers in over 70 countries every month.

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Vineway - Slovakia

This brand brings you a by-the-glass format that allows you to taste and discover a number of wines before you make a purchase of full-sized bottles. The technology behind the 100ml glass vial samples secures all the sensory and taste attributes so you can enjoy quality - just like the winemaker intended.

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Laduree - France

Gift boxes, boxes of macaroons, chocolates, confectionery... From little attention to exceptional gifts, they have imagined for you a wide range of products presented in boxes in emblematic colours of Maison Laduree. The opportunity to offer your clients or employees a unique moment of delicacy at receptions and various events. Options to add logos available.

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Gruneo - Germany

Gruneo deliver the first DIY-gardening box that contains all necessary materials & knowledge that you need from the seed phase until a fresh green meal. With the Nightshade Garden option you will easily be able to grow Cherry Tomato, Aubergine, and Physalis. The second option available is the Gruneo Asian Herb Garden which contains Thai Basil, Red Shiso, and Coriander herbs seeds.

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