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Mieux Que Des Fleurs - France

This brands gift boxes are here to be personalised  and appreciated by your employees but also by your customers. You can add personalised products or choose from a selection of +300 products to compose in a beautiful box in the colours of your company. Our latest partners products vary from balloon filled confetti to brandable balloons and puzzles.

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Delicious Sweetness - The Netherlands

A rich, decadent brownie made from only the finest ingredients. From the first bite to the last crumb, you'll find that even the most discerning sweet tooth will enjoy these brownies. So go ahead and enjoy our chocolate sensation. Treat yourself, your friends or your loved ones to the ultimate indulgence - a box of delicious brownies. They promise it will be an experience you will never forget.

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Tasty Present - Netherlands

This brand specialises in personalising gifts. Whether it concerns delicious bonbons with the logo of your organisation, a chocolate letter with your logo for your customers or employees, or a Chocotelegram with a personal text. They can not only personalise the product itself, but also the packaging. From a logo sticker to a special banderole or a beautiful high-quality box with its own lid. 

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Persowine - France

This brand offers us new options of gifting in Europe. They are present at your side to help you in your choice of rosé, red, champagne white wine or spirits to offer! From Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, their selection of wine and champagne will have everything to delight the taste buds of your recipients.

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Bien Manger - France

Explore the unique flavours of the world's wines. Let yourself be carried away on a journey through vineyards around the world with our high-quality wines. From the complex depths of Bordeaux wines, to the fruity and elegant aromas of Californian wines, to the spicy flavours of Italian wines, there is a wine for every occasion and every palate.

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Make Your - Belgium

With our latest partner you can fully personalise products such as gin, vodka, whisky or champagne. Personalising gifts goes a lot further than simply applying a label to a bland brew. In addition to customised liquor bottles as the perfect gift, this brand prides itself on the top quality of its contents. Critical connoisseurs of vermouth, beer, vodka, gin or rum will enjoy every drop. The appreciation of those who receive the gift or the customer who drinks from the house brand is at least as important as the attractive packaging.

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Lili Bloom - France

Regardless the occasion, small or large, branded cookies will remain engraved not only on the product but also in everyones minds. The perfect chance to utilise your brand if you are looking at corporate gifting within France. To make a difference, change classic gifts and opt for personalized cookies. With Lilibloom you can affix your logo, visuals or message to a cookie and can create cookies in the image of your company.

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zChocolat - France

The French are known for their superb wines and exquisite cuisine. French chocolate is no exception, it is one of the best chocolates in the world. Each chocolate from this vendor is handmade by Pascal Caffet, a World-Champion Chocolatier, with zealous adherence to French tradition. You can add a logo to the sleeve of the packaging to make the gift that little more special and unique.

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Thamour - France

Our latest vendor partner is a women-owned business who supply a wide range of gift boxes across France and the EU. All your favourite snacks like Nutella bars or even Kinder you will be able to find inside the gift boxes. If you are not a fan or looking something more relaxing, go for their Home & Wellness options.

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