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Kafer - Germany

This brand takes care of each customer individually and focuses on them. In addition, their employees combine the perfection and exclusivity of selected products in a unique range and a perfect presentation to create that special gifting moment. 

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EatArtDrink - Germany

Unique gifts for your employees and clients. Sustainable and shapely products have been created that make everyday life more beautiful, but also unique gifts for friends, clients or prospects who are looking for something special. The range includes glasses, coasters, serving dishes and accessories made of high-quality sustainable materials made of slate, wood and glass.

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Vineway - Slovakia

This brand brings you a by-the-glass format that allows you to taste and discover a number of wines before you make a purchase of full-sized bottles. The technology behind the 100ml glass vial samples secures all the sensory and taste attributes so you can enjoy quality - just like the winemaker intended.

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Aging Flavor - Germany

High-quality spirits get their personality from their wooden barrel maturation and various spices. With this vendor, you can refine your spirits in just 24 hours with precisely those aspects that matter to you personally. You decide on the type and duration of the maturation refinement and set very individual accents with a variety of spices. 

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Hazeva - Germany

This brand has natural cosmetics and organic products handmade in Mallorca and Germany.
Cruelty free, vegan, zero waste and sustainable with the planet. Your life, your health! Fantastic zero-waste accessories for your products and your skin. Made from different natural materials, such as bamboo, sisal, silk and beech wood.

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Aromistico - UK

The best varieties of coffees from around the world, selected with a devotion for traditions, to create unmistakable Italian gourmet blends, full of aroma and with a signature aftertaste. This brand are an independent Italian family business with an original and true artisan passion for quality coffee.
All their coffee is hand-roasted in Italy in small batches and perfected in the Italian Lake Garda region.

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